Give your child an edge in STEM!

Looking for new activities to inspire your child outside of school?  You have come to the right place:  Little Medical for Kids!  Robotics for Kids!  Coding for Kids!

We are offering three STEM classes for our kids!

First, Little Medical School is the pioneer and leading developer of hands-on interactive programs for children with a focus on healthcare.  We inspire young minds by sharing our passion for learning, health and careers in medicine.  The Little Medical Schools uses real medical instruments and educational role-play to inspire the next generation of healthcare heroes.  Through hands-on activities, role-play, and interactive demonstrations, children explore the exciting world of healthcare.  

Second, robotics for Kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing.  Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO bricks and software – all while making friends, developing new skills and having a great time.   The earlier you can give your child fun, hands-on experiences with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the better you can set your child up for success in advanced classes and in fast-growing, high-paying careers. For many kids, the robotics class is a highlight of their week.

Third, coding for kids teaches computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects.  These fun classes are perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or simply love technology.  In our class kids will have a blast creating video games, animated stories and bring their imaginations to life.  You don’t even have to mention all the coding skills he or she is learning along the way:  basic coding and programming, problem solving, logic and more.

We are so proud to be at the heart of this movement.  We’re not only provide a variety of STEM programs, we’re also the best.  Here are reasons families love us.

Fun, engaging classes

Highly interactive.  Highly creative.  Highly fun  Our hands-on Little Medical School, Robotics and Coding activities are a blast.  Best of all, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning.

Innovative curriculum

We’ve created our own, proprietary curriculum.  In addition to being super fun, it encourages innovation, creativity and critical thinking.

The coolest technology

No one else uses technology in its STEM programs like Hawaii Robotics.  From our use of mini iPads, to award-winning LEGO Education software, we turn screen time into skill time!

How we teach kids STEM!

In the Little Medical School, there are a number of programs including the Little Doctor, Little Veterinarian, Little Dental, Little Nursing and Little Pharmacy Schools.  Schools will assume the role of a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.  Students learn how to use medical instruments, perform a tick check on puppies, treat broken bones and to administer first aid.

In each Robotics for Kids class, your child builds a new robot using LEGO, letting their creativity and imaginations loose.  Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work.  As the kids’ robots take shape, they experiment with LEGO Education’s award-winning WeDo software.  They discover how to apply computer programming concepts and find new ways to get their ‘bot’ moving.  At the end of each robotics class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the skills he or she learned in class.

In each Coding for Kids class, your child works with our advanced technology platform that’s intuitive and easy to use.  It’s a low stress setting in which your child works at his or her own pace with the support and encouragement of a teacher.  Each class has a distinct objective and outcome, so your future computer whiz will work toward a goal and feel a great sense of accomplishment!  Your child will learn how to create characters, animations, sounds and special effects using our intuitive, kid-friendly Tynker technology.

STEM with us!

Learn at the Little Medical School, Robotics and Coding with us  either at your school, in our Center or at your home or anywhere else.

Visit the ‘enroll’ page to explore after-school Little Medical School, Robotics and Coding Classes and register directly online.  Please note that all enrollments are non-refundable.


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